Effective Goal Setting: absolutely essential for a handmade business

Having a goal and goal setting is the first fundamental of starting and running your micro business. It’s THE place to start when putting yourself out there and it’s the place where I see so many people fail.

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What is goal setting and why is it important?

Goal setting is the act of sitting down, identifying what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and how you can get there.

Having a goal is like the sun at the center of the universe. Everything you do in your  micro business should revolve around a sun (your goal). Your goal is the energy and motivation behind the work you do and keeps everything orbiting in balance. Whenever you do anything that doesn't serve one of your goals, things start to get out of order and stop working.

Clear goal setting is especially important for us micro businesses and freelancers because :

  1. We are tiny! We don’t have a team of people to help us figure out what we should be doing. We only have ourselves to keep us focused and on track.
  2. We have small budgets! We can’t make the big money moves (or mistakes) that larger businesses make when getting started. We don’t have money to throw around and clear goals will keep us from making silly (and expensive) mistakes.

Goal setting is important because it helps us create a clear road map for our day to day work and helps us avoid some unnecessary risks and mistakes.

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Realistic goals are the best goals.

Realistic goals are defined and balanced. Realisting goals are challenging and push us to try new things while still in the realm of possibility. Realistic goals are also relative, what might be possible for you might be impossible for someone else and vice versa.

Saying “I’m going to personally introduce myself and sell to 600 new customers today” is probably not a realistic goal for the average micro business. Setting an unrealistic goal like this can backfire and demotivate you, causing more harm than good.

Saying instead, “I’m going to introduce myself to 20 more leads than last week” might be a more realistic goal. It’s doable while still pushing you towards action and generating forward momentum.


Think about your current goals

Are your current goals realistic and reasonable? Is it possible for you to get these things done in the time you set for yourself? Do you have the budget, time and energy to make these things happen? If not, how can you tweak these goals to make them more realistic for your life? What will be necessary for you to achieve these goals?

One of the most common things to change is to give your goals a longer time limit. Instead of 6 months, try a year, instead of a year, in 2. If this isn’t possible, invest more time into your business up front and be very organized in the process.

Remember, your goals should be challenging and exciting without being overbearing and unreasonable. Balance.

A note about change.

The wonderful thing about life (and goals) is that they’re constantly in a process of change. Whatever goal you pick for your business today, will and should change eventually, especially as you start growing and achieving more and more. If you feel like your goals shift, that is totally normal! Do not feel permanently tied down to one goal, if you want to change it in the future sit down and rewrite your goals!

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Vanessa Jiménez is a virtual assistant that helps creative women across the U.S build and run handmade businesses on solid foundations. She lives and works in Puerto Rico. 

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