Make it memorable: The 3 essential elements you must conquer so your craft show booth can make an impact

I’m going to share with you the 3 elements your craft show booth needs to stand out from the competition.

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So you've decided to finally start selling at the craft show because you know they can be a good source of income for your business, but you’re finding yourself spending more time waiting and hoping for people to approach your booth than actually making the sale.

Selling at a craft show has 2 facets:

  1. Getting people to your table
  2. Getting people to complete the transaction

Your craft fair booth display should be attracting people towards you (facet 1)  so that you can meet your customer and work with them through a transaction (facet 2). 

That's why today we're going to talk about the 3 elements you need to nail so your craft show booth makes an impact. 

Your booth display needs height and depth.

Craft shows are noisy places full of distractions. You’re competing with all of the sights, sounds and smells around you for the attention of the attendees.

Being visible from a distance is essential. 

Since there's such sensation overload it's easy to be overlooked. This is why when you’re setting up your booth, parts of your display need to stand up above the crowd to make up for the people walking in front of your booth and blocking your view. Think of it like raising your hand to say "I'm here!".

Use your vertical space effectively to avoid getting lost in the crowd because if I can’t see you, I’m not shopping from you.

Your brand must be clear from afar.

Now that people can actually see you because your display is taller, make sure that what they’re seeing is what they want.

You have seconds to keep a potential customer's attention, so someone walking by should be able to name your brand and what you do almost immediately.

This is what’s called brand recognition. Brand recognition is when a consumer knows what you sell just by seeing your logo, tagline, packaging or advertising. Your booth isn’t just a point of sales, it’s an advertisement and tells people who you are.

At different parts of the top of your display you should have your business’ name and/or logo and products that represent your brand.

Give them eye candy they can see from a distance that tells them who you are and what you do.

Keep in mind you only really want to attract people that care about your product. In other words, your ideal customer. Think of it this way: if you’re trying to attract people that love the color pink, don’t make your display blue.

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If your display makes an impression in somebody’s mind even if they don’t approach your booth at that moment, they’re more likely to remember you and seek you out later either online or at another show.

Your booth must be well lit.

You always need to be aware of the lighting in your booth and be in absolute control of how your products are lit. Dark booths get lost in the shadows and get skipped over. 

This probably isn’t going to be a big problem for you if you’re at an indoor show that’s well lit, but if you’re at a show where most booths are under tents or tarps, this can make or break your display.

Lighting your booth makes it visible from a distance and makes it feel inviting and awake. Play around with light and see what works best for your brand and products. People are attracted to booths that make good use of light so make sure your booth is one of them!

If there’s nowhere to plug in lights, bring battery powered lights and use them to highlight your best products.

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3 essential elements your craft show booth needs

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