Puerto Rican Author and Artist: Kathia Alsina

Please, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

Kathia Alsina is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is self-taught and has studied thought processes combined with psychology and creativity in all forms of expression. She has a unique, inspiring and fun style. Her authentic personality and charisma distinguish her by adapting to all types of audiences, from children to the elderly. She combined her work and academic experience in professional photography and research in physics and philosophy, respectively with her passion for art. That's how for more than a decade she developed her ten steps to maintain creative flow. These steps work with both hemispheres of the brain which gave way to a great wealth of creative and innovative ideas.

After facing depression for several years, she decided to create these steps as a method to combat her symptoms and achieve happiness. Alsina has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She has been a photography teacher at the UPRM, Photo-journalism Workshop and has practiced professional photography for the past 18 years. Her clients include Coach Maribel Belaval, Galenus Magazine, Jeannette Fossas.

The Transfórmate Creando © workshops have empowered 100 percent of the participants. "As I evolve and impact others and then you impact others more, we all evolve." In March of 2018 I was elected as one of the 21 faces of women who make a difference in PR by the Reinventadas Puerto Rico movement. I currently write the Creativity column for that blog.

When and why did you decide to start your own business?

"The history of story originates in a personal anecdote, where I had spent a season in a low and that day in the park I found a seed crushed on the road. While I observed it, I sat down to reflect on life, because I felt like that seed ... Before bearing fruit, we must overcome challenges, fears and finally be planted in fertile land "... says the author and also professional photographer. "I am very concerned about how children and young people have to face their world without emotional tools."

"They are educated at the cognitive level but we forget to teach them how to face life when emotions overcome us and we feel helpless. Kelaiah is a Hebrew name and means The Voice of God. As a professional and Christian I have put my gifts and talents at the service of the community, and this time using creativity at its best, "adds Kathia, who specializes as a Creative Mentor.

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Since starting your own business, what is the biggest challenge you've faced?

Since I published this book and since I do the workshops the biggest challenge is to educate the public that actually working with emotions does not have to be a perennial suffering. Someone who actually has to deal with their feelings is an excellent benefit to help you explore other options and help you know your potential. Being a creative mentor is not being a coach, it is rather a guide that will work shoulder to shoulder, but often they'll be in your shadow waiting for you to do the work for yourself.

The biggest challenge I'm going through right now is how to reach my real audience (children and parents are the ones who make the purchase decision) and how they can see this book as an effective tool for the integral development of everyone in the family, especially the children.

Mentally healthy children assure us a society free of judgments and achieve the evolution with which we all dream. Mostly it is marketing. As a small business the biggest challenge is to create a great marketing campaign and what is effective without breaking me in the process.

What is the philosophy behind your products and what inspires you?

Here is the link to the press release about my first year of publication and the initiative I worked on during the post Maria period: An adventure with kelaiah warriors.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business selling handmade products?

Passion, Passion and more passion ... But a lot of faith, confidence, joy and above all gratitude in what you are doing. But the best thing is that you have a vision that carries you through every challenge and obstacle to reach the top. All this is what worked for me.

A vision, passion, facing all my fears and believing in myself which is equal to having confidence and faith to create something that nobody had seen or thought could be done. What has sustained me has been gratitude on the way to my victory. Happiness because there are days you need to fight defeats.

What do you see in the future for your business? Where would you like your business to go?

To reach all nations and that Kelaiah Warriors is translated in all languages. In the near future (3 years or less) I'm writing 2 books, one that's almost done and the second book of the Kelaiah Warriors series. Each book in the series works on emotional issues from different perspectives, in addition to showing that we each can be the hero of our own stories. I'm also taking creative writing workshops with the Transform Creando © methodology where families with their children as young as 6 are creating their own stories.

In this next book I'm planning to publish in the coming months, sales will be to finance the initiatives here (Mentoria Creativa) for the people who remain at a disadvantage after the passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017 in PR. It will be the first book I publish in English and Spanish and where I'll be promoting my social business. For each book you buy, a book is given to a child in emotional and economic need. Something I've been doing since I published in 2017. This way everyone can contribute in this social work. Of course 10 years from now I want to be in the cinema and have published the whole series of KW.

The presentations "The adventure of Kelaiah Warriors" is a presentation where a mini drama is presented and two children of the audience participate with me, as well as games so that they can experience their own transformation. Children love this part, I would like to take this show to Agrelot Coliseum (Choliseo) that more children can get infected with its Power. That's why Kelaiah's slogan is Discover Your Power.

Where can we find and buy your products?

You can buy the book on Amazon: Click here to access it.

For books, presentations, workshops you can write to me
visit my website
email: transformatecreando@gmail.com

You can follow me on social networks: FB / Instagram @kelaiahwarriors

You can read the last story created in the workshop of June 30: Angel and his horse ...

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

Well this is something super hot ... The book that I am finishing will be available for presale in the second week of August. For presales by ATH Móvil 787-610-5433 the cost is $ 25.00, please include your name and Note: PREVENTA.

Book in color, includes original drawings and drawings to color. You will also be sponsoring a family (1 Adult / 1 less) for the creative writing workshop that I will be offering in the towns that are still struggling from the ravages of Hurricane Maria. Each family that participates takes home a copy of the Kelaiah Warriors Book, including all the materials used in the workshop. They leave the workshop with a story they wrote themselves and the best story is published on my blog.

In addition, both children and adults  alike are transformed from what they are capable of and did not know. I also have my next workshop in Mayagüez, PR for families $ 45 (1Adult / 1 Child 6 to 17 years old).

Thanks to Kathia for taking the time to share her story with us!

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