A Spiritual and Entrepreneurial Soul: Brenda of Casa Calma Puerto Rico

Today on the blog I am privileged to share with you the story of Brenda whose project Casa Calma Puerto Rico was born from a very special and distinctive experience. Read below to learn more about Brenda and Casa Calma!

Please, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

Brenda de Casa Calma Puerto Rico

My name is Brenda Velazco Rodríguez, Julio José's mother, 11 years old, a boy with a huge heart, is my greatest blessing, soulpreneur and creator of Casa Calma Puerto Rico. I was born in the town of Aibonito, but at an early age my parents, for work reasons, moved to San Juan, then to Manatí and back to San Juan. My soul is gypsy, spiritual, intuitive, empathic, I am sensitive, of a noble heart ... difficult to describe myself, sometimes I prefer others to describe me. I love to travel with my son, to show him the world, to do internal tourism on the island. Lover of nature and lunatic of heart that lives in total gratitude every moment of life. I live in the now and I make things happen. I live proud of my roots, I am Boricua, I love my family and my country. I have more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing.

My experience began at the early age of 20, it was the 90's and my life was dedicated to studying, work, business trips, meetings with the manufacturing teams of local companies such as Cerveceria India (now Cervecera de Puerto Rico), Distillery Serralles, Goya, among others. I matured quickly. In 2002 without looking for it I got an opportunity I could not turn down and decided to cross the pond. I accepted a sales position at the prestigious Hotel Drake in the city of Chicago. It was a wonderful experience and the windy city gave me the opportunity to grow and work in a beautiful industry. In 2003 without looking for it, another work surprise came to my life and I started as Area Sales Manager of the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, my job to promote our beautiful island as a tourist destination to travel agents, visits, presentations, trips to Puerto Rico. Chicago will always be a very important part of my life and I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

In 2005, I returned to Puerto Rico (Remember the Blades song ... Todos Vuelven ...), I returned to the family business as Commercial Director, the name of the Company is JV Sales, it's dedicated to the sale of packaging materials, raw material , machinery, among others. Representatives of global manufacturing companies, with clients such as Serralles Distillery (customer since the 90's), Bearco, Trigo, Goya, Campofresco, Switzerland, Panamerican. JV Sales is a distinctly Puerto Rican company founded by my father Jose Velazco Benitez. My work life as you can see is divided into two very different worlds that fill my soul with joy .. Casa Calma Puerto Rico and JV Sales. His website is www.jvsalesinc.com if you want to know more about the company.


When and why did you decide to start your own business?

Casa Calma was born in 2012 during a healing therapy, I had a vision in the process and upon awakening my therapist tells me "I saw everything and it will be a beautiful place" ... I then told him "and it will be called Casa Calma". From that day Casa Calma was mentioned almost daily, it is like a purpose that God, the Universe gave as my mission. When I bought my home, I called it Casa Calma as somehow that dream was materializing. My son knows about my dream and always asked me "Mommy when are you going to fulfill your dream?",

I would tell him that God has a moment for everything and Casa Calma will be beautiful. In August of 2017 just before Hurricane Irma, I had a revelation, a mandate from God. I asked him a bit annoyed "God what is my purpose?" surely the one who reads me knows what I'm talking about, when you feel that you came to the world for something more than living to work, paying bills, getting up to do the same thing every day, that "Feeling" that you have to do something for the welfare of humanity and your own.

So, with that conversation Casa Calma Velones Collection was born, the message was "take the message of gratitude through the light". The first collection was launched in November 2017 and dedicated to my beautiful island of Puerto Rico. What continued was a sea of blessings, I was fulfilling my purpose. When I am open to blessings and I live in gratitude, beautiful things happen, you just have to believe.

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Since owning your own business, what is the biggest challenge you have faced?

The candle is culturally used as a tool to ask for favors ... "he owes a candle to every saint" is something I heard a lot as a child. I don't like the word challenge but initially the challenge was, how to carry the message and have it be well received, how to carry the message of gratitude, when in the beginning the potential client only saw a candle ... Gratitude is the basis of Casa Calma.

What is the philosophy behind your products and what inspires you?

The products offered by Casa Calma are for connecting, I love that word since everything and everyone is connected in some way. You connect with yourself when you decide to meditate, pray, ask with gratitude. Our products are tools that God or the Universe give us to allow that deep connection with our being, our soul. Products such as candles, quartz, palo santo, sage, incense, pendulums, Oracle decks, among others you can get at Casa Calma. I am inspired by my son who is my engine, my north, I am inspired by the deep love that God has for his children, I am inspired by all the clients I have met through this process that has only been five (5) months. It inspires me to know that I can be an instrument of God and I am proud to respect his call, for that I will be eternally grateful.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

My advice is simple, that your passion is your business in this way the responsibility that comes with it will not be a burden but a blessing. Connect with your potential clients in a human way, not as a symbol of money, that believe me will make the difference. Be honest with yourself, know your limitations that are just opportunities to keep growing. I wish you much success and that you win a lot ... and I do not mean money. Balance ... focus on what is really important.

What do you see in the future for your business?

Where would you like to see Casa Calma Puerto Rico ? I see a beautiful future, full of blessings and opportunities. Casa Calma for me symbolizes the opportunity to serve my Grateful Souls as I affectionately call the followers of my space. I have many plans for Casa Calma, including being more accessible, I'm working on www.casacalmapuertorico.com and it will be an e-commerce store to reach all corners of the world. I would like Casa Calma to reach every corner of my homeland.

Where can we find and buy your products?

I am in the process of launching our official website in the coming months. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook under @casacalmapuertorico, they are promotional and outreach tools for my Grateful Souls. Orders or special orders can be communicated through these channels or email me at casacalmapuertorico@gmail.com. The Casa Calma Velones Collection candles can be found at www.libros787.com, Local Story in Dorado, El Estudio in Ciudadela and as a scoop the tote bags and sage / palo santo bundles will be in the Pure Soul Living store in Old San Juan. I love having personal contact, we're going to stay for lunch that time with my clients ... if most powerful women, many of them today I can say are my friends. I have had the blessing of meeting wonderful people through Casa Calma ... I'm grateful.

Anything else you want to share with us?

Live in gratitude every day of your life, keep in mind every breath, every dawn, live, love, feel, connect, you are magic, light, use your intuition ... Count on Casa Calma for your spiritual awakening ... Happy Awakening Grateful Souls !! Blessings to all who read me.

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